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      Great Fong was founded in 1983. Our company is expert at mold design and mold manufacturing, especially at can making industry. Of all the molds we design, the molds of tinplate cans are the most common. Food cans, beverage cans, aerosol cans, artistic cans, and paint cans are our main products. However, we are not satisfied in only making can products. Our fine skills and rich experience drive us to expand our business with many other manufacturers to design and develop many non-tinplate products, such as Aluminum cans, fire equipment, hardware components and so on.
      Moreover, we offer customized services to our clients. Our high quality service and fine molds always meet our clients’ needs. Our products are mostly sold to the Asian market (Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia). Wherever you are, Great Fong is exactly the company you have been looking for!

Even if a mold is 99% complete, it is still a defective product.- CEO Yi-Feng, Hsiao

Our five core values:

·  Innovation
·  Professionalism
·  Efficiency
·  Responsibility
·  Honesty

· Quality Insistence
Every product is strictly managed and controlled before delivery in order to match clients’ strict standard.

· Win-Win Situation
By offering high quality products, we earn trust from our clients; meanwhile, our clients earn a profit from our products. We intend to develop a win-win situation so that both our clients and our company are complementary to each other.

· Continuous Improvement
Only continuous improvement makes our company survive in the competitive market. Continuous improvement is not only our main objective but also the primary evolutionary force of our company.

Innovation is always the core value of our company. In the future, in addition to maintaining and improving our manufacturing skills and services, our company will keep working on automated production. We hope to bring a different view and create significant development in this field. Automated production is not only a solution to simplifying complex production, reducing a cost, and increasing productivity but also used to customize molds to match clients’ equipments and suit their needs.

· Stage dies
· Multi-stage dies (single, double or multiple)
· Progressive dies
· Transfer dies
· Cutting dies (straight or scroll dies)
· Curling machines
· Various stamping products
· Customized services 


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1. Horizontal turning lathes 
2. Vertical machining centers 
3. 25 tons presses · 80 tons presses 
4. Cylindrical grinders · Internal grinders · Surface grinders · Universal cylindrical grinders 

1. Traditional turning lathes 
2. Vertical turret milling machines 
3. Drilling machines · Tapping machines 
4. Sanding machines

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Quality Insistence

· Standard Operating Procedures · Precision Inspection · Repeated testing · Traceability System

      We strictly follow a set of standard operating procedures from initial order placement through to final delivery. Before the phase of mold assembly or mold trial, we make detailed inspection with precision measuring tools throughout the mold building process to avoid any potential problems, and are never tired of modifying our design or remaking some parts of a mold before goods delivery.
      In order to provide the best after-sales service, we record and preserve detailed manufacturing information of every mold or part we made so that we are always capable to support our customers long after their molds have been delivered.

Manufacturing Process

Order Placement  》Bilateral Communication  》Design& Drawing  》Design Approval  》Material Preparation  》Mold Manufacturing  》Mold Assembly  》Mold Trial  》Inspection  》Modifications  》 Customer Approval  》Mold Delivery

Different Kinds of Molds

According to different functions, client’s equipments and production capacity, we design diffeerent molds. We always make good communication with our clients before mold manufacturing.

Die Products

The following are the most common dies we make. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.  

Contact Us 

Mon.- Fri. 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

ADD: No.48, Ln. 12, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Huatan Township, Changhua County 503, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-4-7867049
FAX: +886-4-7870849

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